Topics Covered:

  • COVID-19 update: Farm pick-up service
  • Preorder now: CSA Farm Box Subscription, starting July 2020
      • Coming soon: Online Shopping function!
  • Seasonal update 

~COVID-19 update: Farm pick-up service~

Due to the changes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that many of our customers may not be able to visit the farmers’ markets.  Therefore, we are temporarily offering an email ordering and farm pick-up service.  

If you are interested in placing an order of $20 or more, please email before noon on Wednesday of the week.  After payment through e-transfer has been received (instructions communicated through e-mail), we will send you an invoice and prepare your order for pickup. Pickup time are on Fridays from 3:00-5:00pm, at our farm location (24527 Sturgeon Road, Sturgeon County, AB T8T 1S2).

 A list of our available products and their prices are listed below.  

  • Spinach: $5/Bag
  • Arugula: $5/Bag
  • Green onions: $2/bunch
  • Radishes: $4/bunch 
  • Fresh Mint: $2.50/bunch
  • Carrots – Nantes (small, medium, large): $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • Rainbow Carrots (small, medium, large): $7/bag. 2 for $13
  • 10lb Orange Carrots: $20/bag
  • Juicing grade carrots – 5lbs: $9/bag, 2 for $17
  • Yellow potatoes: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • Red potatoes: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • Purple Beets: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • [Sold Out] Candy Cane beets: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • [Sold Out] Golden beets: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • Parsnips: $6/bag, 2 for $11
  • Fuzzy Willows:
    • Small: $4/bunch, 3 for $10
  • Produce from Gull Valley Greenhouses:
    • [Sold Out] Romaine Lettuce: $4/head
    • Butterleaf Lettuce: $4/head
    • Red Leaves Lettuce: $4/head
    • Cocktail tomatoes: $4/bag

E-transfer payment is preferable (instructions communicated through email), but we can accommodate for other payment methods if required. Please also let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.  

We hope that this service provides some regularity during these uncertain times.  Please reach out to us if there is anything else that we can do to help you.  Together, we’ll stay healthy and remain hopeful.  

~Preorder now: CSA Farm Box Subscription, starting July 2020~

The CSA Farm Box is a 16-week subscription service that offers weekly boxes of fresh veggies!  The assortment of produce will include household staples (often carrots and potatoes), as well as the veggies that are the most fresh and abundant that week.  Priced at $35/week ($560/season), the contents of each weekly box will be valued at over $40.  Therefore, this subscription service is the way to get a consistent supply of fresh veggies at a discounted price!  

The first pick-up for the CSA Farm Box will take place on Thursday, July 16th at our farm location.  Weekly pickup will then extend for 16 weeks until October 29th, 2020.  Our first pick-up location will be at our farm, but as the season continues, we hope to offer more pick-up locations depending on customer feedback.  So, if you already have an idea of a location where it would be convenient to pick up your future farm box, send us an email at!  

If you would like to preorder your CSA Farm Box Subscription for $560/season (16 x $35/week), send an email to and we would be happy to add you to the list.  Payment will be arranged over e-transfer (instructions communication over e-mail), but we will soon have an online shopping function available on our website!  For any further inquiries or suggestions, please reach out to as well. 

~Seasonal update~

Welcome to spring!  It’s lovely to see the sun shining, the snow melting, and new life beginning to appear.  We’ve recently started seeding, and we’re quickly getting ready for a new farming season to begin.  Despite the current uncertainties, we’re planning to go through with farmwork as normally as we can, in hopes that some regularity will be back by the summertime. We hope that you are all enjoying the new spring and staying healthy, whatever your situation is.

We are at the Strathcona Farmers’ Market on Saturdays’, all year round.  The market is still open during this time, and they are enforcing physical distancing by allowing only a certain number of shoppers in at once.  For more updates regarding COVID-19 related accommodations, please visit

In the summers, we are also at the St. Albert Farmers’ Market (Saturday) and the Callingwood Farmers’ Market (Sunday).  To find out more information about the locations where we sell, check out the “Where We Sell” tab.  For an updated portfolio of the produce we have each week, check out the ‘Produce’ tab!

As you might have already noticed, we have updated our website!  It is now mobile friendly so you can check us out on all your devices!  Another cool feature of this website is that you’ll be able to see which products we have each week, so if you’re wanting a specific veggie, you can check if we have it that specific week!  We’re hoping that our new website will make you feel more connected to us, and if you have any feedback, feel free to email us at

Once again, thank you for all your support, and we hope to see you soon!