POE Farm Boxes!

POE = Peas On Earth

Weekly boxes of local, organic, farm-fresh variety!

What's a POE Farm Box?

In each POE Farm Box, you will receive an assortment of the week’s freshest produce. Long gone are the days of having the same rotations of veggies each week! With each farm box, you and your family can try a variety of new veggies & recipes. Ultimately, the Peas on Earth Farm Box is an amazing way to enjoy fresh, local and organic veggies consistently throughout the summer. Additionally, this program gives you first access to a wide variety of limited-supply veggies = no need to fight the keen, early-morning market crowd!

 This year, there are two options to get your POE Farm Box! Firstly, we have single-week farm boxes that you can order & re-order whenever you choose! These individual farm boxes are great if you’ve never had a farm box and want to give it a try. The other option is to purchase a renewable four-weeks farm box subscription. This subscription decreases the cost per box and it also reduces the hassle of having to re-order the boxes each week! 

The first POE Farm Box will be available for pick-up on Thursday, July 15th. Pre-orders are necessary and can be done starting May 21st! Just head to our Shop page, select the option you would like (single-week/four-weeks), and eagerly wait for July 15th to arrive. We are excited to see you too! 

Whether you order a single-week POE Farm Boxes or the four-weeks subscription, you’ll be supporting our businesses as a local, sustainable and community-minded operation.  We love growing organic and your contributions help us to continue doing so!

What’s Inside?

In each POE Farm Box, we strive to provide a large variety of each week’s best veggies.  Therefore, you can expect each box’s assortment to vary, apart from a couple staple items.  While we cannot predict the exact veggies that will be in each week’s box, here is an approximate content breakdown, by category: 1-2 staples (eg. potatoes, carrots, beets), 1-2 greens (eg. lettuce, spinach), 1-2 herbs (eg. dill, mint), 2-4 “what’s hot” items.  “What’s hot” items refer to the produce that has been the most freshly harvested that week.  

We can also add additional items to your box, if you choose! Just head to the “Shop” page, make a note that you’ve also ordered a  box, and we will add it to your order!

POE Farm Box 2020




“We have been love love LOVING our farm box. The variety is so much fun and the veggies are delicious! Peas have become our new family favourite road trip snack, a fantastic discovery! Thanks again for the amazing box every week.”


“First, I just want to say you have done a fantastic job with the CSA Farm Box! I was so excited to pick-up my first box this past Saturday (of course I could not resist ordering a few extra goodies). I love the crate and so well made and everything was so well packaged and presented (I took photos to send to friends and even family in UK – think they were a little envious☺). … Well done to you and your team for providing such a great service to the community, I know it is very much appreciated not just by me!


“I’m so impressed how beautiful the wooden box is and how professionally arranged veggies were! Wow! Who knew veggies could almost be as pretty as flowers from Swish! I’m beyond impressed! … Enjoying your delicious veggies for dinner!”


“Hello!! I just wanted to send all the amazing people at your farm for doing such an amazing job with the first CSA box!!! It is suburb. From the initial box itself – amazing!!!!! From the variety and cleanliness of the veggies. The attention to detail, especially the card explaining what’s inside is perfect. I wish you all the very best and so looking forward to digging into our box! Best wishes.”


“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the CSA farm box. The vegetables are incredibly fresh and delicious. Love the crate. Your family is working so hard to keep all of us fed with nutritious, fresh vegetables. Also, I really like that you send out an email letting us know what we will be getting. Thank you so very much. Keep up the great work!”


When and Where to Pick-Up?

There are four pick-up locations and times available.  Each week, simply stop by your pre-selected location within the listed time frames, and a Peas On Earth staff member will efficiently pass you the pre-arranged Farm Box.

When ordering your Individual Box or four-weeks subscription, there will be a dropdown menu to select which location and time works best for you.  The available options are shown in the bubbles below.


Single-week Farm Box: $40/box

Four-weeks subscription: $150 ($37.50/box)

 Each box will be valued over $45!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will each box feed?

Each box of veggies will feed 4-5 average eaters.  If you find that you need more than what each box contains, you can add additional items here: ShopMake sure to specify that you’re a POE Farm Box subscriber on the payment form!

What if I want more than what’s inside the box?

If there’s a week during which you need more veggies than what’s inside the Farm Box, you can order additional items by clicking here: ShopEnsure to submit the order before Wednesday 10am. Please also specify to add the extra items to your weekly farm box.  This way, we can package your add-ons with the week’s box so that there’s no extra packaging.

What if there is something I don’t like? Can I ask for substitutes?

While we understand that some veggies aren’t the favorites, we really want to provide variety and encourage creativity with our box. Therefore, we do not offer the option to remove or substitute items from the Farm Box. This being said, if someone in your family has an allergy to a certain produce item, please email us and we will accommodate your request!

What if I can’t pick up that week (for customers subscribed to four-week program)?

We understand there may  be a week when you just can’t make it to pick-up. Therefore, if there is an alternate location and time (of the provided options) that works better for you that week, send us an email ahead of time and we can accommodate you.  However, if there’s simply no way for you or a proxy to come pick up your order that week, we will donate the content of your box to a local charitable foundation or distribute it in other ways.