CSA Farm Box Subscription

Farm fresh variety, season-long guarantee!

What is the CSA Farm Box?

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Box is a 16-week subscription service from which you receive weekly assortments of our freshest produce.  It’s super simple — subscribe once, and then pick-up your pre-arranged box each week, for the entire summer!  The first pick-up occurs on Thursday July 16th, so we encourage you to order your subscription soon.  

The CSA Farm Box is an amazing way to enjoy fresh, local and organic veggies consistently throughout the summer.  And, we hope that the variety of each week’s box can encourage you to eat creatively and adventurously!  The Farm Box program is also great because you’ll get first access to a wide variety of limited-supply veggies — no need to fight the early morning market crowds.  

By participating in the CSA Farm Box program, you’ll be supporting us as a local, sustainable and community-minded operation.  We love growing organic and doing so in an environmentally-friendly way, and your contributions help us to continue doing so!

What’s Inside?

In each box, we strive to provide a large variety of each week’s best veggies.  Therefore, you can expect each box’s assortment to vary, apart from a couple staple items.  While we cannot predict the exact veggies that will be in each week’s box, here is an approximate content breakdown, by category: 2-3 staples (eg. potatoes, carrots), 2-3 greens (eg. lettuce, spinach), 2-3 herbs (eg. dill, mint), 3-4 “what’s hot” items.  “What’s hot” items refer to the produce that has been the most freshly harvested that week.  

Once the subscription period begins, we will provide regular updates of the exact produce in each week’s box.  This update will be posted on our website by Monday at midnight, under “This Week’s Box” within the “CSA Farm Box” menu option.  This list might be helpful to identify items that you want more of, or those that you’d like but aren’t included that week.  To add additional items for a specific week’s box, click here: “Shop” and specify that you’re a CSA Farm Box Subscriber.

When and Where to Pick-Up?

There are four pick-up locations and times available.  Each week, simply stop by your pre-selected location within the listed time frames, and a Peas on Earth staff member will efficiently pass you the pre-arranged Farm Box.

When ordering your CSA subscription, there will be a dropdown menu to select which location and time works best for you.  Here are the available options:


For the 16-week subscription, the total cost is $560 ($35/week).  While the price per box is $35, its value will actually be over $40.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will each box feed?

Each box of veggies will feed 3-4 average eaters.  If you find that you need more than what each box contains, you can add additional items here: ShopMake sure to specify that you’re a CSA Farm Box subscriber on the payment form!

What if I want more than what’s inside the box?

If there’s a week during which you need more veggies than what’s inside the Farm Box, you can order additional items by clicking here: ShopEnsure to submit the order for additional items at least a day before your pick-up time and specify that you’re a CSA Farm Box subscriber on the payment form.  This way, we can package your add-ons with the week’s box so that there’s no extra wait time on your order.

What if there is something I don’t like? Can I ask for substitutes?

While we understand that some veggies aren’t the favorites, we really want to provide variety and encourage creativity with our box.  Therefore, we do not offer the option to remove or substitute items from the Farm Box.  This being said, if someone in your family has a serious allergy to a certain produce item, please email us and we can try to accommodate your request.

What if I can’t pick up that week?

We understand if there’s a week when you just can’t make it to pick-up.  If there is an alternate location and time (of the provided options) that works better for you that week, send us an email ahead of time and we can accommodate you for that week.  However, if there’s simply no way for you or your proxy to come pick up your order that week, we will donate the content of your box to a local charitable foundation.

Can I join after the CSA Farm Box season has already begun?

For sure!  If you would like to join the subscription after the 16-weeks season has already begun, we will charge you the $35/week for the remaining weeks of the season.  However, because mid-season orders create extra administrative work, there will be a $30 late-fee charged to those who order midseason.